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get predictable
rapid growth

Let Amit Gupta –aka ‘The Number Cruncher’– help you fix the money-leaking gaps
and discover big opportunities + bigger profits hidden in your business data.

Amit Gupta is the...
India’s #1 Data evangelist
CREATOR OF  SABi  framework
author of bestseller book – Reclaim Your Market

Your business has become a drain constantly swallowing your time and money, but you’re unable to find where the gaps are?

Unavailability of real-time business data that clamps your desire to make quick decisions and do course correction on the go?

There is no clarity, certainty and future prediction where your business is heading to?

Half-baked reports & MIS throwing numbers without accuracy and insights to take action on?

Make no mistake – the secret of your business growth demands faster, sharper and smarter business decisions backed by accurate data analysis. To achieve this you don’t need spreadsheets, fancy graphs & assumptions.

   What your really need is Amit Gupta’s SABi framework to...
Turn your business from a Dragging Snail to a Speeding Falcon

The secret of success and longevity in business lies in data, but until read correctly and analyzed quickly you won’t be able to see ‘what’s happening’ in your business and bound to miss the unprecedented competitive advantages.

With his dashboards, Amit helps you solve this complex puzzle and empowers you to know exactly what is happening in your business. With this you would make informed decisions and keep adding the zeros in profit.

This one framework has helped his clients reclaim their market share and earn millions of dollars year on year.

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Unlock your business true potential with Modern Data Analysis
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This is the only book that shows exactly how to leverage the power of modern data analysis to drive unprecedented growth – that too by spending only 4-hours a week on this process.

Couldn’t sleep whole night
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Amit Gupta has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs know exactly what
in their business is lifting them up or holding them back with his signature...


smart analytics (SA)

Beyond presenting just random numbers, Smart Analytics presents data in unified dashboard with easy visualization.

business intelligence

After analyzing data, it reveals not just what happened and also how and why it happened. It also gives insights to take actions on.

Your business processes reveal quantum numbers and behind those numbers lie unprecedented competitive advantages just waiting to be found.

The dashboard built with SABi framework does just that. Implementing it in your business you would be able to fix the money-licking gaps, optimize the operations and chart an explosive Business Growth.

With SABi framework you would be able to:

Install a fail-proof and data driven system in your company where every business operation remains transparent & accurate.

Move away from Excel reports, MIS & paper sheets and switch to an easy to understand unified dashboard accessible 24/7.

Make informed decision based on the customized information available on the dashboards in real-time.

Do fast course-correction based on the invaluable insights presented by Amit after adding a layer of business intelligence.

In a nutshell, it will help you gain holistic view of your business operations and chart an explosive growth based on facts rather than half-baked information and assumptions.

     Since 16 years Amit has built...     
A rock-solid reputation backed by real results
23% Growth

India's leading inverter manufacturing company was facing umpteen challenges in meeting their PPM Goals. There were many process leakages which hampering their growth prospects.

After implementation of Amit Gupta’s products based on SABi framework they could read, analys & interpret data with utmost accuracy in real-time.

I was shell-shocked when Amit’s data analytics dashboard brought forth factors that were losing us lakhs, every day!
– Vice President (Sales)
5x Improvement

A home appliance startup was facing acute challenges managing the customer queries and hence their customer satisfaction goal was seeing downturn consistently.

With Amit’s intervention and plugging his analytics dashboard they were able to see where the gap is, correct it quickly and regain customers’ trust once again.

Thanks to Amit, we’re now not only meeting our goal every month but are also seeing a consistent upward growth.
– Vice President (Sales)

Meet amit gupta

   #1 Business Data Evangelist & Creator of SABi Framework   

Amit Gupta proudly calls himself a ‘Number Cruncher’, and rightly so. His clients come to him with their pressing challenges and he could quickly ascertain where the gaps are and helps them ‘see’ what remains ‘unseen’ (though visible).

That’s the power of data and Amit has leveraged this power to help his clients earn and save millions of dollars, year on year.

Amit’s data skills were developed during his youth closely working with father in his company. Later, he has had the privilege to take charge of numerous critical assignments working at market leading companies and was played instrumental role fixing the gaps and saving millions going drain.

Today, along with his team, Amit is helping his clients make faster and more informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage using his dashboard built on SABi Framework.

Recieivng Young Achievers Award 2020
Showcasing the power of SABi Dashbaord
On the stage at NSWEE 2020
Glimpse of astonishing results Amit’s clients are getting
Amit’s business acumen help us to increase our sales by 12% within 3 months.

He helped us build a robust system to cross-sell the products to existing clients. I can’t thank him enough.

Co-Founder, Incremint
Amit’s dashboards proved life-saver for us. Our revenue jumped 7% in just 2 moths.

He not only helped us plug the money-draining gaps but also helped us to find ways to generate more revenue.

Co-Founder, Candes Technology
Our conversion ratio increased to 9% – totally a game-changer equation.

He was very quick to understand our unique challenges and could present viable & practical solution quickly.

   Do you wish to replicate such successes? Are you...   
Ready to discover the growth hidden in your data?

Amit’s clients could solve their most complex challenges (which they thought are unsolvable) and literally multiplied their profits by plugging analytics dashboards developed by him.

He has penned numbers of such success stories, and he can help you become the NEXT big success story.

Want to discover how?
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That one call with Amit was worth a million for me.

He solved my PPM challenge on phone only and later built a system that saved lakhs per month.

(Co-Founder, Incremint)
10 min into the call I could sense Amit is the man I am looking for.

He makes thing so simple, presents practical solutions and actually has ideas I have never thought before.

(CTO, Well Care Group USA)
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5 fail-proof data analytics process to fix the money-draining leakages in your business

3 secrets to rocket-speed your decision making time and how to use it to get explosive business growth

And, much more...

Your business data is your gold mine. Instead to not looking at it, leverage its power to gain unfair advantages.